Friday, 18 November 2011

Why Local Businesses are Missing Out (or why you should love the smartphone)

If you are a local business, you probably have a website.
If you're serious about increasing your turnover, you probably have a SEO strategy and that's good. Good, but not great. Why, well, more and more smartphone users are using their devices to seek local information. In fact, the amount of users that actually take action after looking up local content in the UK is 80%. That's eighty percent!

Now if your website is not optimised for smartphones, you are seriously missing out because if your competitors site is, then guess who's getting the business. Look at it this way, 30% of the UK has a smartphone. That's about 18 million people. In comparison, only 33% of advertisers have a mobile optimised site. Think about it.

Consider this, nearly all smartphone users plan to maintain OR INCREASE online usage of their digital devices. That is great news for businesses-if you have a mobile optimised site.

You can see how this works. Many people will get into town and then search for local information on their mobile. Even if they do search before they set off, are they really going to wait for a PC or laptop to boot up when they have an "instant on" device like a tablet or smartphone? I don't think so.

Here's another stat for you to think about, smartphone users are frequent social networkers. So why should be any use to you. The fact is, it can promote your business. smartphone users can "Check in" so their friends know where they are. They may comment on your business further with the result that an additional 100 local people now know about your business. If they get a good deal from you, or if you give a friendly and professional service, the word spreads-fast. The result? a wider audience and hopefully more trade. Did this cost you thousands of pounds or an arm or a leg? No, you just had the foresight to have a mobile optimised website.

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Stats by Google.

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