Friday, 20 January 2012

16% Increase in UK Online Sales in 2011

2011 was yet another growth year for e-commerce in the UK, with the nation's shoppers spending a record £68bn.

The latest figures produced by IMRG's retail index states that compared to 2010, UK online sales increased by 16% with a further 13% growth predicted for this year. In December alone, a record £7.9Million was spent online which equates to £155 per person!

Decline of the High Street?

It would appear so; with "multi-channel" retailers, i.e. those whom sell both online and on the high street saw their growth drop from 25% to 14% in the later half of 2011.

By comparison, online only retailers saw sales rise from 11% to 14% over the course of 2011, possibly due to available online savings compared to the attraction of high street brands.

The High Street From Your Living Room

It's a fact that more people every year are shopping online from the comfort of their living room, quoting convenience and savings for doing so. With high retailers Peacocks and Bon Marche this week on the verge of administration, the high street has suffered yet another blow.

In our home town of Skegness, the high street is quickly evaporating with the loss of a major retailer on an increasingly regular basis and given the above statistics retailers need to start seriously considering beefing up their online presence to benefit from the increasing trend of online shopping.

While E-Commerce Web Design carries a cost, done correctly, can potentially make the difference between survival and closure. As developers of such sites, we've seen the number of E-Commerce Sites under development increase steadily for a variety of business types and sizes as demand for purchasing products online increases and we believe this will continue for some time to come as retailers make the move online.

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